A friend and I were hanging out while taking our dogs to the dog park. We wanted to give our furry friends some exercise and we were talking but some of the differences between a responsible dog owner, and an irresponsible dog owner.

Now, hanging out the dog park will give one plenty of opportunity to observe the interaction between dog owners and their pets. It was clear to see that a lot of people are not properly trained in how to care for a dog, or just don’t care.

For example, the dog park that we go to has a strict “leash only” policy. Which means the dogs must be kept at a leash at all times. However, you still see a few dog owners that are letting their animals run loose. Naturally this causes conflict between dogs that were properly train to obey and protect their owners at all costs. A lot of dog scuffles took place that day. Normally, I don’t let things like this stress me out, but my best friend was obviously affected by the conflict and my friend and I felt uneasy and needed to decompress.

We decided to drop our dogs off at home and go treat ourselves. We decided to take a dive in a local swimming pool so that we could shake off the stress and then hit up the steam room at the end so that we could sweat out toxins and negative energy that we might’ve picked up during the day at the dog park. My dog is like my child, and when someone messes with him, I am personally offended, I feel attacked, and helpless to say anything.

hismerh.com - dobermans at the dog park hanging out and having a good time in Los Angeles

Needless to say this experience really bothered me to the point that I would not be taking my dog to that particular dog park ever again. But, I can’t hold my tongue anymore, which is why I decided to come up with a very short list of things that every good dog owner should do to make sure their four legged friend is at his or her best. This list is brief and easy to read and will help any dog owner determine whether or not they are a responsible dog owner or not.

I’ll keep this list and rant very short and only list three top things that one should can start practicing to develop traits that would demonstrate that you are truly a good dog owner. I only wish there was some law that would allow for citizens to report in proper dog ownership when we see it. These poor guys have no clue how good it could be if they live in a house like mine.

Pick Up Poop

Number one is pick up your dog poop. If your dog is in a public place using the restroom it’s important that you pick up after your dog is done. I can only imagine what these peoples homes must look like, or smell like if they’re not able to take care of picking up poop. This is the easiest step in demonstrating the most minimal level of respect in society. Public parks are to be shared, and shouldn’t be used as a personal toilets for dog owners who don’t know any better. Don’t be that person, keep our parks clean, and keep your dogs happy.

Train your dogs

The same way that you would want someone else to respect your personal space make sure that your dogs understand that humans need personal space and that it’s not okay to invade that. Barking and snapping at other dogs or people is a sure sign that the dogs owner needs more training the dog itself. It really bothers me when I see dogs who are misbehaving and the dog owner doesn’t seem to have any clue that their dog may have a potential behavior problem. Do the right thing and either do some research on the level of responsiveness to training of your dog and determine whether not that certain breed is something that you can realistically handle, or be a grown up about it and shell out the extra cash to invest in professional dog trainer so that you can have a properly adapted dog that is ready to interact with society.

Groom Your Dog

Finally, please take care of your dogs by giving them regular grooming, regular veterinarian check ups, and get health insurance for your dogs. Not only will you save money over the long term of necessary medical procedures as your dog starts to age and dwindle in their later years, but you also present yourself as a reliable dog owner. Your dog will be happier and more responsive to your commands, which means that he will probably behave better in the public. It really starts at home, and before you make the decision to introduce your family and your household to a new pet, especially a dog, and most importantly if choosing to adopt or buy a Doberman, please make sure it makes sense for you to reasonably handle a dog, that you have researched it enough, and are ready to make a full commitment.

In my previous post I talked about the many reasons why I simply love Dobermans.

I talked a little bit about their unique coloring their appearance, and their high level of intelligence. What I didn’t know was that these dogs were actually a man-made concoction that were bred by a tax collector in old world Germany.

Karl Frederick Lewis Doberman Was Scared

The dogs were first bred in Germany by a man named Karl Frederick Lewis Doberman. He bread the dogs to use as a protection method when he was making his collections and deposits for clients and bank in some bad neighborhoods in Germany. I’m not sure what city it was, but it must have been pretty rough if he felt the need to breed a dog for the sole purpose of using as a defense mechanism to protect himself against thieves while he was walking the streets during business hours with large amounts of cash.

Apparently Dobermans are bread from a mixture of different dog breeds including German Pinschers, Rottweilers, Grate Danes, Shorthaired Pointers and a few other terrier breeds of dog. The dog is completely intelligently engineered and designed in such a way that allows the dog owners to have the utmost confidence in their dog. Dobermans are superior guard dogs, and are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to canine companions.

A German Doberman Pinscher is one of the most reliable security methods to protect your home, which is why they are used by law-enforcement, military, and private security companies across the world. These dogs are not born to be aggressive, but they are easily trained to be a lethal machine.

The Dobermans are athletic and incredibly strong.

They are muscular and lean like a greyhound but still strong and sturdy enough like a Rottweiler, which is where they develop their coat and strong and ferocious bite.

Dobermans are fantastic dogs and are great around kids when properly trained. There are a lot of people who use these dogs for bad purposes including using them for the sport of dog fighting. Not only do I condemn the sport of dog fighting, I detest anyone who competes in and considers this inhumane crime a sport. We are ashamed to consider that there are people on the planet who would actually subject these innocent animals to compete in a brutal sport of kill or be killed.

There are a lot of people think that Dobermans are hard dog to train and domesticate, especially around small children. Not only am I a living breathing testament that Dobermans are great around kids, but here’s a video from some of the experts over at Animal Planet. The dogs are great, easily to love and ready to be introduced to any sized family. A professional dog trainer could help bring out their personalities so that you can really learn how to work with them and allow them to express their sociable nature. Once this happens, its easy to introduced a Loving Doberman to any home with kids or other pets without running the risk of there being any injury.

If you have been thinking about buying a dog, or even better, considering the idea of adopting a Doberman that has been rescued by shelter in your area, then consider us one of the best sources of information to help guide you along your way as you make your decision on whether or not a Doberman is for you.

So thank you for following my blog. Here you will be learning a little bit about me, but more importantly you will learn about this wonderful breed known as the Doberman Pinscher. The Dobermans originally came from Germany. I’m going to list a few reasons why I think Dobermans are the best dogs for any family or any business to use as a guard dog.

Dobermans Are The Best Breed - Hismerh.com says so

Number one – I love how they look. These dogs are so clean and they have very distinct lines. They have a nice short coat, which means that they don’t shed during summer months and it makes for easy cleanup of the Dobermans are a great breed. These lovely dogs are normally born with floppy years, but people tend to dock their ears for a more rugged and menacing look. This is when the years are pointed, but this is not a normal characteristic of the breed. Dobermans are not that big in weight and range from anywhere between 80 to 100 pounds. The color in the coat of these dogs is very distinct they typically have one to four colors. Depends on the genome of the parents in the phenotype but the typical colors are black and red rust and Brown.

Doberman attitude

Temperament of these dogs are very aggressive but they can be properly trained. These dogs like an alpha figure within their circle or they will dominate the owner. It’s important that these dogs are well trained because of their obedience and tendency to be loyal. However, proper training is required because these have an aggressive nature and will defend their property or territory at all costs. For this reason that they must be introduced to small children will be careful and regular parental monitoring is important.

It’s because these dogs are so smart that makes them incredibly great guard dog. These dogs are adept at learning new tricks recognizing and following verbal commands and setting and sticking to perimeter boundaries.

Dobermans are incredibly healthy dogs

They have a few health concerns but nothing major in comparison to that of a bulldog or a Boston terrier. For starters, these dogs have clear breathing channels. However, because of their hyperactivity, they are susceptible to heart failure at early ages. The average lifespan of these dogs can range from anywhere from 7 to 11 years, but it really depends on how careful and attentive the dog owner is.

Doberman Mutts

And finally these dogs are great breed to mix with any other dogs. So if you come across a mutt or a mixed breed Doberman, don’t fret you still have a great dog. These dogs, will mix well with Golden Retrievers, which is one of the ones that I adopted. My little buddy Jeremy, is a Doberman half Golden Retriever mix and has a beautiful coat with the physical looks of the Golden Retriever, but has the personality and temperament of a Doberman. My dog is incredibly smart, and he sheds very little in the summer months, but still requires regular grooming to minimize fur from spreading throughout my apartment.

The dog I own is not the first Doberman that I’ve encountered. I have been dealing with Dobermans for over 15 years and because they are my favorite breed, I felt it only right to extend my home to an adorable mutt that was left behind in the shelter by disobedient owners. Check out the next blog for more details about this topic and next time we’ll talk about setting up an exercise area for your dogs. If you have the room in your backyard to do it, then we will provide some great low costs suggestions on how to turn your backyard in a lovely dog park. If you don’t have the room, then you can find some great local dog parks in your area.